Summer Lovin’

As I am now going into my junior year here at Western and staying in Kalamazoo for the summer, I am learning so much about the surrounding community. It can be really easy to become wrapped up in academics and on campus events during the school year. Being here in the summer feels like a completely different town, and I love it. Looking for something things to do and places to eat in Kalamazoo? Let me help you!

  • The People’s Food Co-op and their Farmer’s Market: Aside from the city of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County is rural, and you can find many farms. I come from the suburbs of Detroit, so the pickings at a farmer’s market can be slim. Here they are fantastic! I love the eco-friendly and buy local wave that is really kicking in for our generation. Check them out here:
  • The Kal-Haven Trail: Running along a former rail trail (The Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad), the Kal-Haven Trail is a 33.5 mile long trail connecting the two cities. It is gorgeous, and natives tell me it is a summer must do. South Haven is a beautiful port city that is just about an hour west of Kalamazoo by car; it has a nice beach and a variety of quaint shops.
  • The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Fair: A huge event in downtown Kalamazoo held the first weekend of June, the entire city dedicates their streets to the largest art fair in Kalamazoo. It was fun with great food and music. A really great way to bring in the summer!
  • Food Dance: If you have a few extra dollars, try out Food Dance; you will not regret it! It is a restaurant downtown that dedicates its efforts to a provide foods from sustainable and local farms, not to mention the environment is just beautiful!
  • Get your coffee fix: Kalamazoo has a couple of wonderful locally owned and roasted coffee shops. One of the most well-known in the area is called Water Street Coffee Joint. It has two locations, on Oakland Drive and the other nestled right downtown next to the train tracks. They really have a knack for ambiance, and making the perfect cup! The Black Owl Café is one of my newest favorites. They just opened last year and are a hidden treasure, but I am convinced they are going to become very well known in the next few years (hence why I am writing about them on a public blog). They roast their coffee in the same building and pride themselves on the numerous ways that they make coffee. Here are the websites: & The Fourth Coast Café and Chocoltea are also some great cafes in the area, check them out as well.

I will post more places around Kalamazoo as I discover them this year!

In the mean time, have a wonderful weekend!

With Bronco Love,


Latte from The Black Owl Cafe!

Latte from The Black Owl Cafe!

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