Transnational Voyages


Have you ever woken up one morning, and the next morning wake up in another country half way around the world? Well that’s what I have done today.

Through an exhausting 9 hour flight, softened by 2 and a half in-flight movies and smooth jazz, I emerged less rested than prior to the flight in beautiful, sunny, humid Rome Italy. It’s true, the streets are paved with Vespa’s and gelato. So so true.

Traveling to Rome set me forward on the clock, to make a 6:00 PM departure Detroit time, transition into a 9:10 AM arrival time. In theory I sat in my chair through the night, with drooping restless eyes. Airplanes, as essential as they are for travel, lack comfort and the ability to provide rest.

After our flight landed and we found our apartment accommodations, my fellow John Cabot University study abroad students and I flooded into the streets of Rome with smiles on our faces and ambition in our hearts. We are ready with bright eyes and bushy tails for the future!

As I write to you dear friends, I write with a heavy drowsiness, as I have not slept all night. I boarded a plane at 6:00 your time, and arrived at 2:00 am your time, to endure a sleepless day. Forgive me if I have included repletion in my posts, for I am not usually the repetitive type, but alas I am running low. It is currently 8:10 PM here in gorgeous Rome, and 2:10 PM in cozy ‘ol Michigan.

I will write of my adventures, and tales of study abroad successes!


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