Almost the Beach


As Michiganders, we have the best opportunities for lake activities! We have the grand Great Lakes to swim in, and we are definitely proud of that! There is always a beach in sight for us, never too far away.

The story you’re about to read, is one of hilarious and ironic proportions that truly gives meaning to the phrase “don’t take life too seriously”.

My study abroad buddies and I hoped on a 12:45 train at Termini Station in Rome with the hopes of arriving at a crisp cool water beach with plenty of sand and sun. We sat for 45 minutes on the moderately fast moving train with ambition and high hopes for our beach day. After the air conditonless ride, we arrived in a quaint little mountain town where we would either catch a bus to the beach, or take another train. To our dismay and to the hilarity of the day, buses don’t make such travels on Sundays.

There we were four broken girls sitting on the sidewalk with heavy, sad, an very disappointed hearts. The most unfortunate part of it all, was that the next rain wouldn’t arrive for another two hours. We waited in silence at first, angered and saddened by our predicaments. Then it became a mild chatter with a few laughs sprinkled in as we sat on our towels on the dusty sidewalk. And once the nearby clouds became a threatening lightning storm, our giggles became shrieks as we scampered about on the pavement in the rain (trying to at least obtain the water element of the beach that we were so clearly missing).

The hours passed slowly, but we finally boarded our train and headed back to train station. “What a waist!” You might say. But in the end this day taught me that life doesn’t go on the way you want to always. You have to give yourself the opportunity to smile, even if you really don’t want to.

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