Corsi di fotografia a Roma (Photography classes in Rome)


While I’ve been dancing gleefully about Rome, making posts here and there about the many activities and happenings of my daily Roman life, I have neglected to spend sufficient time discussing the classes that I am taking while I am present in this glorious city!

I am currently involved in 2 classes here at John Cabot University, both of which are photography classes. The first, Digital Photography was one that I chose to take simply to enhance and develop my camera skills. The second, Intro to Photojournalism was one I chose to refine my journalistic sensibilities, and to enhance them with the art of still photography.

Although my journalistic position is more video based, I was still eager, ready, and willing to learn photography skills that aid in explanation of general or spot news events. I was taken on an adventure through both heartwarming and disturbing images taken by world renowned journalists. I learned what makes an image and what breaks an image. I discovered various uses of color and style, and learned to create my own. It was quite a journey

Through work in my Digital Photography class, I learned how to interpret images, and compose them in a visually appealing style for my viewers. I became one with my camera, and allowed it to be an extension of myself. I learned to photograph images with my eyes before capturing them with my camera.

Both classes were very enriching, and allowed me to truly learn who I was as a photographer both journalistically, and aesthetically. I wouldn’t trade my class experiences here in Rome for anything.

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