A Life Lesson from Yours Truly

This summer, I have been focusing a lot of my energy on school and work, so that I can finish classes on time and have money to feel comfortable financially throughout the school year. What I mean by graduating on time is that since I switched my major relatively late in the game from one extreme to the other – music to business – there are many courses which I need to still take. I would still like to graduate in four years, and it is a bit disconcerting taking all of those courses during the school year. To remedy this, I take courses during the summer.

Instead of taking a lot this school year, I decided to try and offset by taking a lot of course in the summer months. This summer I took six credits in Summer I (this is normal behavior) and 10 credits in Summer II (this is NOT normal behavior – DO NOT DO THIS). I am here to tell you, that this is a poor choice if you like breathing and having friends. Throw a twenty-four hour per week internship, another fifteen hour per week job, and a weekend job on top of that, and you should probably be on some governmental watch list for those going insane. I will repeat: do not ever do this. Especially if you have jobs on top of the coursework.

For the months of June and July, every single day until this past Saturday, I have either worked, done homework/class, or a hefty combination. Then last Friday night the power went out at my apartment. This may seem to everyone like a horrible thing, and it is true, at first I thought it was horrible circumstance as well! However, I then realized that there was no way I could work on my online classes without WiFi and no way to do accounting homework in the dark. So I went to bed. That is right my friends, I slept. And then – I didn’t do homework for a full 39 hours thanks to the power being out and my friends distracting me. It was bliss. After this incident, I realized something very important: soon it will be winter, and I will be bundled in approximately four layers of fleece wishing for the sun and an opportunity to see the sunshine. After this awestruck moment, I promised myself I will take days off and go spend time with friends, go spend money, go do spontaneous things, and go on road trips for the rest of the summer.

So last night, I took a step toward fulfilling these promises I made to myself. My friend Jay Jay and I went to a nifty restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo called The Union and listened to some jazz music. After that we drove around and took a mini roadtrip exploring West Michigan since both of us are native “East Siders”. All of the sudden we ended up at the Indiana State Line! I have pictures below to document our trip!

My lesson in summary: yes, school is important. Yes, working is often necessary. Yes, it is good to be responsible, go to bed on time, and save your cash. Thought these things should not trump your health and a good balance of school, work, and a social life. Give yourself a break.

At the Union, it was a little hot in there! (hence the sweat)

At the Union, it was a little hot in there! (hence the sweat)

The Indiana State Line!

The Indiana State Line!

With Bronco Love,


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