Fall Welcome has returned!


Its that time of the year again were for some strange reason, everything seem to make the most sense. First year students will swarm to the campus, in hopes of discovering the perfect transitioning tactics to overcome any confusing situations they might come up against during the school year. And in order to accommodate our first year students Western pulls together some of its brightest and well acclimated students to help guide first year students around for a week. We travel the world of WMU, we investigate the entire campus. Not only do we tour the campus, but first year students are taken to their class rooms so that when the first day of school hits they are well equip with the sense of direction. We venture out into the downtown area of kalamazoo so that the students knew of call the things in which the city could offer.

My students by far were the best! I met them at the flagpoles, introduced myself to them and we headed on our way. They are the best group of students I have met. They are ambitious and career driven. They seemed so eager to learn more about their new home.  Although they are exploring possible amjors this semester they seem to have some idea of what they might want to dod with their lives. They are honestly looking to better themselves which makes me being a resource much more meaningful. I am excited for what this year has to offer.

I cant wait to see them on monday and see what kind of questions they have for me. I am curious to see how their classes are going for them and whether or not it was everything they expected. Until next time :)



Over and Out


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