Who Doesn’t Hate Moving?


I’m sure we are all looking forward to cozy fall weather and the back to school vibes, but who really wants to physically move into their place? I mean the boxes, the heavy lifting, the sorting, it’s pandemonium! Moving to me is like a sort of torture; a very long and drawn out painful experience.

One of the worst parts I think would be gathering all of my junk from the farthest reaches of my house to transport across the vast distance to Kalamazoo. Moving home for the summer means all my shoes, knick knacks, clothes, gadgets, and more become mountainous piles in my room, that eventually need to be taken back. Now I’ve got to gather them, and determine what goes where. A truly exhausting process.

If I hadn’t gone abroad this summer to Italy for a month, I would have been able to leave my furniture in my apartment from last year. Unfortunately someone else wanted it, and my dad didn’t want to pay for it for the whole summer without me living in it anyway (even though I had planned to go to Italy, I was going to spend most of my last summer in college at home) so we gave it up. The only thing with that, is that now my furniture is in a storage unit, and needs to be physically fetched to be placed in my new space.

Yay. Wish me luck.

And to all of you moving this fall, good luck. It’s really a pain in the butt, and I sympathize with all of you.

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