The Lee Honors College is one of my favorite parts about WMU. The opportunities that the college provides are so vast and varying. Here are some of the biggest “plusses” of the Honors College according to Jasmine:

  • Priority registration for honors students aka Jasmine does not ever have a class before 11am
  • Availability of honors courses: For my fine arts general education credit next semester, I will be taking a class called: “Studies in Film: Interpretations of Alfred Hitchcock”. How cool is that?
  • Honors courses are capped at 25 students, though often function with less. The professors that I have had in my honors courses facilitate discussion much more than they lecture at students.
    • For instance, I had an American Government course with 11 students and a spunky professor last year – it was
    • Weekly lectures on themed topics (race this semester)
    • Fully funded trips around the U.S. called “Study in the States”
    • Fun general activities with an abundance of free food

These are just some of the exciting programs that they plan for our students. I was able to help students get settled on campus during the last week of August – known as Fall Welcome Week – because I am a Peer Student Success Team Mentor through the Lee Honors College! We ran events to show new honors students the asset that the Honors College is and can be for them. We had a volunteer activity, a book discussion, and a picnic (pictured below).


Lee Honors College Peer Student Success Team Mentors!

Lee Honors College Peer Student Success Team Mentors!

I cannot believe that school starts tomorrow!

Happy Labor Day!

With Bronco Love,


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