Central States Communication Association conference


This past week was one of the busiest that I have ever lived in my entire life. Not only did I have tons of work to submit for my senior honors thesis for the Lee Honors College, but I had to travel mid-week for a conference in Minneapolis.

The documentary that I will be submitting as my honors thesis was enlisted as part of communication conference in the section about documentaries. My partner on the project and I were scheduled to present our project at 11 o’clock am on Thursday. Knowing this, I had to book a flight that would get me to Minneapolis by Wednesday night. Bethany (my project partner) and I drove from Kalamazoo to O’Hare airport, where we took our flight to Minneapolis.

The Conference went much better than I had even hoped, and we were truly pleased with how we presented. My only problem though, was that I had to be back in Kalamazoo by Friday for a fashion show happening Friday night. At four pm Minneapolis time, I caught a shuttle from the Hyatt Regency to the Minneapolis airport, and then caught a flight to O’Hare, which happened to be delayed by an hour. From there it was a 2 hour 48 minute drive back to Kalamazoo, which I had to do alone.

All this to say with the two flights, 6 hours of driving and almost no sleep in two days, plus a fashion show to rush back to town for, I am STILL exhausted!

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