Exam Week Survival


The really cool thing about college (and Western specifically) is that our summer break starts way earlier than high school! We get four whole months off from the spring to fall semester to work, take even MORE classes, or just hang out and do summery things. The less cool thing about college is that in order to get to that wonderful vacation, we have to make it through a little something called exam week. While most high schools also take exams, college exams are generally a little more stressful and a little more suckish. BUT, there are a lot more resources in college to help you do well on your exams and more ways to relieve your stress when the studying gets too much. Here are some tips to get through exam week!

1. Take advantage of Exam Week Goodie Bags- some wonderful organizations (such as churches or student groups) give out free goodie bags with snacks, pencils, ear plugs, etc. As college students, we are trained to never say no to free stuff, so feel free to take one!

2. Zumba away your stress- The Recreation Center here offers lots of great classes like Pilates, yoga, Spin class, and yes, Zumba. Most of them only last a half hour, and it’s a great way to get out of the library for a little bit, have some fun, and then go back to studying feeling refreshed. Getting the blood pumping in your body even helps you absorb and remember more information!

3. DON’T study in your room- I don’t know about everyone else, but there are a lot of things that I would rather do than study the composition of inks for my graphic and printing science class, or how to find out confidence intervals of means for business statistics. When I study in my house, I am so quick to decide that my room needs cleaning or the dishes need washing. Make sure to go to a place like the library of Bernhard Center that is public and unfamiliar, without a lot of distractions. That way you can (unfortunately) focus on studying.

I hope you guys have a great rest of YOUR school year because pretty soon, you’ll be college students too and able to take advantage of these amazing tips!

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