Final Choral Showcase


This Saturday, the vocal music department closed out our season with our annual Choral Showcase! It was a marvelous event featuring many entertaining and educational pieces for us!

This year in Collegiate Singers has changed my life. I have become a better vocalist because of it, and it has helped me immensely with stress management! Each day heading into choir instantly changed my mood. Working with such a great director and accompanist has been a blast also! Dr. Adams has a vast knowledge of vocal technique and is just a tiny bit of a perfectionist, which brings out the best in her ensembles.

In just one semester, We have worked on pieces never heard by an audience before, sang along with an organ, and a professional baritone soloist! It definitely has enriched my performing pallet since being at WMU! I look forward to being involved with this great ensemble and hope to audition up to chorale some day! Go Broncos!

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