Happy Finals!


I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Only one week of exams is standing between me and my summer (read: between me and a full time). I am one of those people who needs to multitask–I don’t fair well with the whole “lock yourself on the top floor of the library and study in seclusion and silence” approach to preparing for final exams. I like to listen to music while I study. Now the question is: How does one get an effective study session in when one is jamming to one’s favorite tunes?

I’ve found my favorite Pandora study stations from This blogger’s number one recommendation (and my personal favorite for studying) is:

“1) Chill Out - Search Bar >> Browse Genres >> Electronic >> Chill Out
My very favorite study station. Great for subjects like math, chemistry, or visual art, where you’re dealing with numbers, problem solving, diagrams, and drawing. Many of the songs have some very chill and calming vocals, so if you’re easily distracted by song lyrics, pair this station with schoolwork that doesn’t involve a lot of reading (like Literature or History), and stick to problem-solving assignments. I don’t get distracted by the vocals, though, so I pair this with everything.

Extremely similar station: Downtempo - Search Bar >> Browse Genres >> Electronic >> Downtempo

Almost identical to the Chill Out station, but focusing exclusively on downtempo beats to keep your brain ticking along. These two stations have many of the same songs in common.” 

I’m a fan of her many other suggestions that can be found at

Have any studying tips/musical suggestions for exam prep? Feel free to share!

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