How-To: Decorate Your Residence Hall


When I first got to Western, I was desperate to make my new room feel homey and
have it fit my personality. Thankfully, I had a roommate who had a very similar
personal style to me and together, we were able to find some easy, cheap ways to
make our room cute! Firstly, we each paid $50 to get a futon. This is definitely
a big purchase, but it was really helpful to have a place for people to sit that
wasn’t on the floor! Plus, you can get really cool throw pillows for it. We also
got white Christmas lights
and strung them on our beds. The lights are really pretty at night, and they’re
pretty inexpensive- especially during the holidays! Another thing you can do is
get free paint swatches (from Home Depot or Wal-Mart) in an array of different
colors, write quotes or draw on them, and then stick them up on your walls! They
make for a bright splash of color, and can also be a way to read motivational
sayings! I also took long strands of ribbon, hot-glued pictures onto them, and
hung them on my walls too! It’s way cuter than just plain taped photos. I hope
you guys can use some of these ideas to make Western your new “home away from

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