OUTspoken Dragshow


This Wednesday, the Gay-straight alliance organization put on their annual Drag show! It was a wonderful event that included performers from the greater Kalamazoo area, as well as the WMU community. The event drew in around 250 audience members and had eighteen acts. I was very impressed by the talent that we have here at WMU.  Anyone will tell you that it takes a lot of confidence to strut your stuff on stage, much less dressed to the nines in the opposite sex!

Outspoken started the program of in a very healthy way, with crowd rules. This helped define do’s and don’ts of watching a drag performance. Many performers were first-timers, and it was important that audience members were supportive and cheered them on. The customary tips started flowing on stage, and were collected to fund next years show. It was awesome to see so many people in support of perfumers just having a blast on stage!

I have always loved the LGBT-inclusive community here at WMU. Not every university would allow such an event to take place, much less organizations like OUTspoken or the Office of LGBT Services to exist. I feel so at home here for this reason.

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