The Graduate…No, Not Dustin Hoffman.


Apparently I graduated this past weekend.

I was in shock and awe as I walked across the carpeted stage and shook President Dunn’s hand…wait…let me rewind.

As anyone knows, graduation of college is a major feat. You work almost three times as hard as you worked in high school, and you have probably double the activities and extra curriculars that you did then. College was a magical ride. I didn’t think that I would be able to complete it at first. It seemed so distant. But as time went on, I was able to see the finish line get closer and closer. I was steadily coming closer to it, until it just happened.

All the exams, papers, cramped study sessions, meltdowns, and all nighters led to that triumphant moment. That moment where I truly felt the awe of what I was doing.

I stood there in my four inch nude colored heels shaking giddily as the line moved steadily toward the stage. The chatter and nervous excitement of my fellow graduates around me began to settle as we neared the stage. I handed my card the announcer and clapped my hands with anticipation. He looked at my with confusion, and I explained I was merely excited. He smiled and read my card, and I walked proudly forward onto the stage smiling from ear to ear while waving quickly to my family seated in the third tier of Miller Auditorium.

I grabbed my pleather diploma case, shook Dr. Dunn’s hand, and disappeared from the stage in a cloud of fleeting pride.

I cannot believe I am done.

The life of a non-student, just-out-of-college person is going to be something I have never really known, for all my life (since I was three years old) I have been a student.


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