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Hey there everyone! My name is Pasha, and I am a senior in my final year at WMU! I am so excited to start and finish the year strong, and go on to do great things as a WMU alumna! I love writing my blog, and I will share all sorts of stories with you about my day to day, and about all the things that I do and see regarding WMU! If you've been keeping up with my blog already, you know that I've studied abroad this past summer in Italy, and shared all my experiences about it. I hope to have many more exciting experiences like that one, and blog all about them! Stay tuned Bronco Blog Fans!



The Graduate…No, Not Dustin Hoffman.


Apparently I graduated this past weekend. I was in shock and awe as I walked across the carpeted stage and shook President Dunn’s hand…wait…let me rewind. As anyone knows, graduation of college is a major feat. You work almost three times as hard as you worked in high school, and you have probably double the…

Central States Communication Association conference


This past week was one of the busiest that I have ever lived in my entire life. Not only did I have tons of work to submit for my senior honors thesis for the Lee Honors College, but I had to travel mid-week for a conference in Minneapolis. The documentary that I will be submitting…

Rain Rain Go Away, For Real This Time


Lately I have noticed that is starting to rain. Sure, as the warm weather approaches we need to have growth in the vegetation, but I say rain get out of here! It is still winter, and though it’s not winter for long, It is still rather cold out. When it rains, and the ground becomes…

Fun ™


What do you do for fun? I mean there are plenty of things that you could do…Watch a movie, read a book, maybe go sledding (goodness knows that this snow isn’t going away anytime soon). But there’s something pretty peculiar that I like to do for fun…Create board games. It seems easy when you think…

Cute, but SOOO Cliché


So apparently I have a boyfriend now, which means that I will in fact be participating in Valentine’s Day this year. I am not particularly fond of the idea of a day dedicated to love. It’s a little cliché because everyday should be an expression of feelings for someone, not just one overwhelming day. Well,…

Being an Intern


There’s nothing quite like being an intern. In most internships, you are saddled with the grunt work, and spend a bunch of time working on menial tasks that often turn out to be monotonous. Oftentimes you are unpaid, and are simply doing the internship for the experience. But what about those internships that offer a…

Dearly Departed


Despite what you may think, this blog is not about death. No, it’s about a friend of mine studying abroad in Argentina this semester. She will truly be missed. My dear friend is getting ready to pack her bags and embark on a life changing adventure. She is departing from these states united to South…

Backwards to Ballet


So strangely and remarkably enough, I have decided to take a ballet class for the second semester of my senior year. Unbelievable right? I haven’t taken ballet in years! Literally at least, 10 maybe 13 at the most. I am so very excited about it! I decided to take the class to freshen up on…

Double Snow Day


In my years at WMU, I have rarely seen the fabled “snow day” but this week so far has been extraordinarily fruitful. On Sunday evening as I readied myself for the coming school day, I noticed many of my peers making Facebook posts alluding to a snow day. I was so excited to finally receive…

So Short


I can’t help but feel as though my time with my family is short. I know that I am still quite young, and there is still much I haven’t experienced, but somehow I feel as though these times I’m living in are going to fly by. I think the reason stems from seeing family members…

Midterm Mania


That dreaded time of the year has crept up upon us again. The dreaded season of midterms. The constant cramming and studying. The constant stressing and fretting. The endless nights stuffing pizza and popcorn down your gullet. There’s nothing more frustrating. Midterms are designed to test what you know within the course so far. You…

Fall into Fall


Ahh yes, it’s my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing, and the fashions are in full swing. Everyone is scrambling to get work done, and rushing to meet upcoming deadlines. Through all the bustle of fall, there are definitely some things to look forward to. The cozy evenings curled up by candlelight sipping…

Tear Downs and Build Ups


If you’re paying any attention to campus, than you have noticed the influx of construction. Now I know that I have posted about the construction before, but things are really changing around here, so I thought it was worth a second go. I was shocked and befuddled on my first day of classes by the…

Make it Count


It’s funny how fast time flies. No really it is. I found myself legitimately laughing at how fast I have turned from a confused and anxious freshman, to a confident and hardworking senior. I just can’t believe how the years have drifted by. It’s not like I didn’t see it happening, because I was present.…

Who Doesn’t Hate Moving?


I’m sure we are all looking forward to cozy fall weather and the back to school vibes, but who really wants to physically move into their place? I mean the boxes, the heavy lifting, the sorting, it’s pandemonium! Moving to me is like a sort of torture; a very long and drawn out painful experience.…

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