Academic Life

Top-ranked programs and world-renowned faculty make Western Michigan University a smart choice. Nationally and internationally recognized, the University aspires to distinguish itself as learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged.

Programs of study

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Reputation and prestige

  • WMU is home to a world-renowned faculty. As a Bronco, you’ll learn from, conduct research with, and perform creative activities alongside some of the best professors in the nation.
  • Discover the prestige of WMU through our points of pride. Review our rankings, research accomplishments and awards.
  • WMU is a member of American Honors, one of the most prestigious community college honors programs in the country. Students attending one of a select group of community colleges will complete two years of course work before transferring. Visit the WMU American Honors site for more information on this prestigious program. 

Enrichment opportunities

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  • The Lee Honors College at WMU is one of the nation’s first honors colleges and serves as the scholarly home to over 1,600 academically talented students. The LHC can provide students in all majors with opportunities for academic enrichment.
  • Academic Learning Communities are great residence hall options for students in many majors. Students enjoy taking classes with each other, finding study partners next door and utilizing the special amenities specific to each community.
  • Study abroad is an experience that can greatly enhance a student’s education by raising geographical and cultural awareness. More than 500 WMU students participate annually in study abroad programs in over 40 countries.

Advising and support

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  • Academic advising is available to ensure students are making the best progress toward graduation. Advisors in each academic college assist students in meeting all University requirements and choosing courses and electives.
  • The Academic Resource Center provides students with academic support to promote success in their coursework at WMU. Services are provided at no cost to students and include content tutoring, supplemental instruction, college success seminars and effective reading seminars.
  • The Writing Center provides free writing assistance for undergraduate and graduate students. Students who want to improve their writing can do so through one-to-one writing instruction offered, most often, on an appointment basis.

Planning ahead

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  • There are several opportunities to earn early credit before enrolling as a WMU student. Learn about earning course credit through AP testing, dual enrollment and more.
  • The academic calendar provides information about important University dates and deadlines.
  • The undergraduate catalog is a powerful tool to help you quickly locate and track details for undergraduate programs and courses.