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Military Credit

Evaluation of Military Training

Before training can be considered for credit, the following documents are required for evaluation.

Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard

Air Force

Evaluation process

After applicants are admitted and military documents are received in the Office of Admissions, transcripts will be reviewed and credit recommendations sent to the appropriate academic departments. Each academic department makes the decision whether credit recommended by ACE will be awarded. For example, the recommended physical education credit for basic training would be sent to the HPHE department for approval. Because this training evaluation process involves multiple steps before credit can be granted, the process may take a month or longer.

General Education Area VIII (Health and Well-Being) Credit

Upon submittal of the DD214 form, students who have completed a minimum of two years United States military service through active, reserve, or national guard duty will be deemed to have satisfied and will receive two credit hours for Area VIII Health and Well-Being of the General Education Program. Physical education credit awarded for basic training does not satisfy this requirement.

If less than two years of total service, including inactive service, are indicated on the DD214 submitted, then a letter from the staff sergeant in the guard or reserve unit verifying enlistment for at least two years must be presented before the above general education credit can be awarded.

Questions? Please contact Jane Harrison in the Office of Admissions at (269) 387-2000 or email