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Undergraduate Program in Africana Studies

Major Electives

AFS 2100  Comparative Approaches to Forms Black Consciousness 
AFS 2140  Black Religion and Liberation 
AFS 2230  African American Literature/Crit/Culture 
AFS 2240  Africana Autobiography
AFS 2250  African Storytellers as Traditional Historians
AFS 2350  Black Majorities in Caribbean & Latin America
AFS 2800  Topics and Themes in Africana Studies
AFS 3070  Poetics and Politics of Gender in Islam 
AFS 3100  The Black Woman: Historical Persp. & Contemp. Status 
AFS 3130  Radical Activism and the Black Community
AFS 3140  The Black Community 
AFS 3150  The Underground Railroad in the Midwest
AFS 3220  West Africa in Colonial America 
AFS 3250  Ethnohistory of Sub-Saharan East Africa 
AFS 3300  History and Significance Black Pop Culture 1906-Present 
AFS 3350  Research Procedures in Africana Studies
AFS 3400  African and African-American Cinema 
AFS 3500  Blacks in Michigan
AFS 3580  The African Diaspora: Peoples & Cultures
AFS 3600  Black Woman-Black Man Relationships 
AFS 3700  Black Historical Movements/Moments
AFS 3880  Introduction to African Civilization
AFS 4000  Blacks in the Arts
AFS 4100  Bridging the African Diaspora in the New Millennium
AFS 4650  Internship in Africana Studies 
AFS 4860  Africa and the Slave Trade
AFS 4980  Directed Independent Study 
ANTH 1500  Race, Biology, and Culture 
ANTH 3410  Cultures of Africa
ANTH 3470  Ethnicity/Multiculturalism 
ANTH 3580  The African Diaspora: Peoples and Cultures 
ARBC 1000  Basic Arabic
ARBC 1010  Basic Arabic  II
ANTH 4720  Slavery and Resistance
COM 3050  Special Topics (African/American in Mass Comm) 
COM 4740  Intercultural Communication 
DANC 1020  Introduction to Jazz 
ECON 3880  African Economics
ENGL 2220  Literatures & Cultures of the U.S. 
ENGL 2230  African American Literature
ENGL 3140  African Literature
ENGL 4840  Multi-Cultural American Literature for Children
ENGL 5830  Multi-Cultural Literature for Adolescents 
FCS 5680  Gender, Culture, and Family 
FREN 1000  Basic French I
FREN 1010  Basic French II
GEOG 3610  Population: The Crowding World 
GEOG 3860  Geography of Africa
HIST 2100  American History to 1877 
HIST 2110  American History since 1877 
HIST 3260  Native American History and Culture 
HIST 3280  African-American History and Culture 
HIST 3285  African-Americans in Michigan 
HIST 3320  Global History 1885-1945 
HIST 3880  Introduction to African Civilization
HIST 3882  History of Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade
HIST 3884  History of West Africa
HIST 4006  Topics in Race and Ethnicity 
HIST 4245  Topics in U.S. History and Culture 
INTL 3300  Study Abroad WMU
INTL 3310  Study Abroad Non-WMU 
INTL 4050  Foreign Studies Seminar
LANG 3750  Foreign Literature in English Translation
MGMT 4100 Multinational Management
MUS 1510  Music Appreciation: Jazz/Pop
PHIL 3150  Race and Gender Issues
PSCI 3000  Urban Politics in the United States 
PSCI 3410  The Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa 
PSCI 3460  Women in Developing Countries 
PSCI 4220  Civil Liberties and Civil Rights 
REL 1000  Religions of the World
REL 3040  African Religions
REL 3070  The Islamic Tradition 
SOC 2000  Principles of Sociology
SOC 2100  Modern Social Problems
SOC 3040  Nonwestern World
SOC 3140  Ethnic Relations 
SOC 3530  The City and Society 
SOC 4540  Juvenile Delinquency 
SOC 4560  Social Stratification 
SWRK 3330  Intro to Culture, Ethnicity, & Inst Inequality
THEA 1050  Introduction to African-American Theatre
WMS 3200  Women, Multiculturalism, and Social Change