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Graduate Application to WMU

Step 1: Before you apply online

Use of this application
This application form is intended for those who are U.S. citizens and those who have an I-551 Permanent Resident Card or have asylum or refugee status applying to a master's, specialist, doctoral or certificate program at WMU.  All other applicants, please see “Who should use other forms” section below.

Application filing dates and departmental requirements:

Check with the Graduate Coordinator of your academic department for specific departmental requirements.

Who should use other forms

If you are seeking readmission to a graduate program, please use the Graduate Readmission application (PDF). If you have a bachelor’s degree and want to take classes but are not pursuing a degree, please use the Graduate Non-Degree application (PDF).

International students: Students with any type of nonimmigrant visa-- such as F, J, L, etc.--must use the online application available on the Office of International Admissions and Services application forms and requirements page.

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