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Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design prepares the students to practice graphic design professionally. The combination of the study of theory and history, a mastery of in-studio visual communication methods and an internship experience gives the students the knowledge and skills to develop conceptually and visually. The program expects students to set their career goals with confidence, to achieve them, and to be able to grow with the profession of graphic design as it changes in relation to society, art and technology.

The program promotes the philosophy and culture of graphic design as visual communication. The environment is challenging and focuses on critical thinking and discovery through process, enabling students to work in any medium necessary to creatively and innovatively propose and solve design problems.

Students design promotional materials, educational materials, identity systems, signs and symbols, architectural and directional systems, books, packages, and exhibitions-they design for film, television, video, interactive computer interface, and other electronic forms of communication.

The students learn to work in teams, to develop an understanding of the business aspect of design, and to build working relationships with writers, artists, technicians, and others from a wide variety of disciplines. Through their studies they learn to grow as individuals as well as socially responsible designers.