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Art History Program Admission

University admission

Whether an incoming freshman or a transfer student, apply first to the office of undergraduate admissions and orientation. You may apply via WMU's undergraduate admissions website or call (269) 387-2000 for an application.

Frostic School of Art application process

Apply second to the Frostic School of Art. This can be done concurrently with the WMU application. Applicants must submit their statement to us online at frosticart.slideroom.com.

Having chosen the Frostic School of Art for your creative studies, we want to get a sense of who you are as a creative individual. The following guidelines for organizing your statement of intent should help you with the process.

Frostic School of Art application deadlines

October 1st  (admission and freshman scholarship consideration) 
February 1st (admission and freshman scholarship consideration) 
April 1st (admission only)
May 31st (admission only)

Letter of notification

A letter of notification is sent to each applicant approximately four weeks after the application deadline informing you of the following action: