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Art Minor Admission

University Admission

Whether an incoming freshman or a transfer student, apply first to the office of undergraduate admissions and orientation. You may apply via WMU's undergraduate admissions website or call (269) 387-2000 for an application.

Frostic School of Art Application Process

Apply second to the Frostic School of Art. This can be done concurrently with the WMU application.

Having chosen the Frostic School of Art for your creative studies, we want to get a sense of who you are as a creative individual. The following guidelines for organizing your portfolio and statement of intent should help you with the process.

Statement of Intent: Your statement of intent should give us a sense of your creative aspirations, ideas and goals. Try to keep your statement in the present tense and avoid resorting to generalities and clichés ("I've always been an artist." or "My work is about my emotions.") Statements can be powerful narratives that convey a strong sense of who you are as a creative individual—they can be humorous, poignant, startling and inventive. Be as specific and as clear as possible when crafting your statement. Slideroom will limit your statement to around 2000 characters. Have someone you know and trust proofread it. Use spell check. Your statement might include responses to some of the following questions:

Your portfolio is an essential part of us getting to know you, and should highlight your artistic strengths and abilities. The work you submit should be recent (created within the last two years) and original (do not include work that is drawn from photographs or other artists' work). Your complete portfolio should have between eight and ten original works. While these works may have been assignments for art classes, we strongly encourage you to create pieces for your portfolio that reflect your individual ideas, talents and inspirations. (for video format, see Step 3). Portfolios should include the following:

Applicants must submit their portfolio and supporting writing material to us online at frosticart.slideroom.com A $10 fee is charged by Slideroom at the time of a completed application.

Formatting Your Digital Images and Video

The following link provides useful information for preparing and formating your artwork for your application.

Frostic School of Art Application Deadlines

The Frostic School of Art employs rolling admission; prospective students are invited to submit their application and portfolio anytime.

For scholarship consideration, applicants should apply before February 1.

Letter of Notification

A letter of notification is sent to each applicant approximately four weeks after the application deadline informing you of the following action: