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Adriane Little: A Very Easy Death

September 5 – October 11, 2013

Netzorg and Kerr Permanent Collection Gallery


Little's work is supported by concepts of ritual and trauma through a presence and absence of the maternal body. Here ritual is functioning as a singular and private act; under the burden of grief and trauma embedded within instinct or what she calls "the matrilineal ghost." As a continuation of these ideas, this new body of work turns to literature as a source of visualization.  Literature is riddled with dead or otherwise missing mothers. Little has chosen A Very Easy Death (Simone de Beauvoir) for the beginning of this new work.

"A Very Easy Death" consists of 12 pairs of transparent images. Each pair, hung one behind the other, is illuminated with a single light source. By its nature, the transparency is weightless and is affected by those who encounter it. In essence, the work is a moving image projected on the wall. The image is perpetually moving, most often fragile and alters the physicality of space and time. The projected images consist of shadow, texture, decay and absence with the first image. For these images, the camera was placed on the ground. This was done for the sake of a marked horizon line between life and death.  Adriane retyped the book and used the text to create the second image.