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Friends of the Richmond Center

As a member of the Friends of the Richmond Center for Visual Arts, you will be able to attend advanced exhibitions, receptions, lectures and special presentations on the visual arts. The Friends will provide you with social, cultural and educational opportunities while you help students grow and reach their potential. As an ambassador for what will become a nationally recognized learning and exhibition center, you can share your excitement for the programs at the Richmond Center for Visual Arts.

The Richmond Center for Visual Arts is composed of two large gallery spaces: the Albertine Monore Brown Gallery for temporary exhibitions and the Netzorg/Kerr Permanent Collection Gallery for special exhibits from the Frostic School of Art's permanent collection. The Eleanor R. and Robert A. DeVries Student Art Gallery is dedicated for students and alumni. A calendar of year-round events is planned to invite thousands to learn, enjoy, and be educated to regional and national topics in modern and contemporary art.

There are yearlong installations by internationally recognized artists. These works are installed inside, outside, and literally on the Richmond Center architecture. Through this broad range of exhibitions, installations, video and performance art, the Richmond Center for Visual Arts is uniquely positioned to challenge and educate the public about trends and innovations in the visual arts.

The Richmond Center, in the heart of the Western Michigan University campus, brings together the visual arts programs in the fields of studio art, graphic design, art education and art history.