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South Kohrman Hall

In January 2008, classes and studios for the Frostic School of Art met for the first time in the newly renovated south bar of Kohrman Hall. The 88,000 square foot, two-story space is now home to faculty offices and upgraded warehouse-sized studio spaces for art education, painting, photography & intermedia, printmedia, sculpture, metals/jewelry, art education, and foundation art coursework.

Designed by SmithGroup Inc. of Detroit, the same group of architects who designed the Richmond Center, the renovation also includes flexible, multi-media classrooms and critique spaces, open studios for students, and sophisticated mechanical systems for maintaining a healthy environment and providing safe disposal of art wastes.

Four critique spaces provide space for impromptu discussions of student projects. All critique areas are designed to facilitate digital projection, installations, and performance art, while providing flexible spaces for interdisciplinary collaborations.

The two buildings, the Richmond Center and Kohrman Hall, connect on the second floors to form the Frostic School of Art.