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Computer Labs and Technology

Each of our computer labs is unique and serves a specific purpose. All computer labs are outfitted with the latest hardware and software.  There is at least one open lab in each of the College of Fine Arts buildings. The other labs are specific to students within a scheduled course or major. Access to the computers is accomplished by logging in with your BroncoNet ID. To learn about all available labs within the College of Fine Arts, hours and locations please visit the College of Fine Arts Technology website.

Photography and Intermedia Lab

K2309 South Kohrman Hall

The Photography & Intermedia lab is available to students learning photography and video. It is also for students learning visual communication and services Graphic Design classes. Computers are outfitted for image and video editing, the full Adobe Suite and with special printers for photographs or other digital media needs.

Open Lab

K2309 South Kohrman Hall

Located next to the Photography & Intermedia lab, the Open Lab is available for all students to use while not in class. The open lab portion of the classroom has large format and photo scanners as well as color and black and white laser printers.

Printmedia Lab

South Kohrman Hall

This lab is for students enrolled in all printmedia classes for the creation of digital imagery and photomechanical transparencies.

CFA Resource Center

R3109 Richmond Center

The Resource Center is available for students to use when not in class. It is not used for scheduled classes. It is a full-service lab with color and black and white laser printers, scanners and musical keyboards.

Graphic Design Classroom

R3113 Richmond Center

This space is for graphic design students and has 20 docking stations with large monitors for student laptops that are a required purchase when entering the program. The classroom is set up for both traditional wet media and digital media. It is adjacent to the Resource Center with color and black and white laser printers and the Print Center that houses all plotters and specialty printers.

Design Center

The Design Center is a classroom with 10 state-of-the art computer workstations. It is set up as a full service studio with a scanner and color and black and white laser printers. It is used for i†ntern class projects completed for the University and non-profit organizations in the regional community.