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Photography and intermedia senior B.F.A. candidate and ArtPrize 2012 participant Olivia Kohler is curating "Art About Women"

Art About Women exhibition postcard.

Curator's statement

Throughout history women have been the subject of many an artist's affection: the reclining nude with her innocence and obedience in-tacked, the fertility symbol created with voluptuous hips, or the goddess like figure sculpted gently to show true beauty. Today, there is much more than sculpture or painting to be covered in the art world; cameras are changing the way we view women. Technologies such as Photoshop allow us to form a photograph the same way a sculptor would carve a slab of marble. We look to media outlets such as television, movies and magazines for role models, but when its hard to tell if these women are real or not our version of a woman can be skewed. Through art we are able to express how we feel about a societal issue or how we see beauty, and it is a way that we can define what is going on inside us. As an artist today we are more aware of how we portray women due to movements such as feminism and issues such as objectification of women. With this exhibit, different artists, both male and female, show their view point on how we see women in art.

About Olivia

Photo of Olivia KohlerOlivia Kohler is a senior majoring in photography and intermedia. Her art work focuses on feminism and gender roles. Graduating in the spring of 2013, Kohler's thesis work explores how the home and the female body hold a direct relationship to feminist theory. She talks about objectification of women through photographing women as decorative objects in the home. They are disguised in their environment and are just there to serve a purpose or to be an object of beauty.