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Nora York and the Amazing Band performance to benefit Richmond Center programming

On Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 at 7:3 0 p.m., Nora York will premiere "Trip Switch," a musical journey through the art of six important American contemporary visual artists. York will create a musical response to the work of Jerry Kearns, Kiki Smith, Kate Teale, Jane Dickson, Jeanne Marie Wasilik and Ann Mesner. York will also reprise a selection of her collaboration with Nancy Spero for this exciting premiere. These artists have exhibited at the Richmond Center in the past or are in future plans for major exhibitions. Joining Ms. York on stage will be her Amazing Band – Jamie Lawrence piano, Dave Hofstra bass, Steve Tarshis guitar, Peter Grant drums, and Sherryl Marshall singer. Tickets are on sale through WMU Miller Auditorium box office at (866) 229-7424 or online at www.millerauditorium.com. Prices are $20 for general public, $15 for current Friends of the Richmond Center members and $5 for full time college students. General seating is limited.

The bridge between art and entertainment has been explored by many important 20th century artists. Art history celebrates a number of notable experiments. Pop Art was given birth in the late 1950's Happenings produced by Oldenburg, Dine, Kaprow, and friends. With this "entertainment" they swept the isolation of Abstract Expressionism aside and joined art and life in an exciting new post-modern expression of both. Contemporary performance art also took seed in the same fertile soil. Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian and the Talking Heads each grew from visual art origins crossing over to pop culture. And now with pop stars from Madonna, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson to the more conventional Katy Perry – the legacy continues to define some of the most compelling edges of innovation today. 

A prolific composer of music for theater, film, concert, and jazz cabaret, Nora York is a singer/ performer whose mission is to reveal the interconnected nature of multiple idioms of expression - both musical and visual. York's form of compositional adaptation allows her to compose her own music and lyrics - to riff off of the source material or visual stimulus - while at the same time incorporating the source material into her larger composition.  York specializes in deconstructing and reimagining established musical masterworks - framing the historical material with her original compositions to make the past live in the present - a creative landscape where the present can also become a trip switch between the past and the future. 

Recent press praises her live performances:

" The philosopher diva...—part passionate performance art, part classy jazz chanteuse styling, all imaginative originality... a post modern jazz diva."  
—Austin American Statesman

"ingenious ...radical.... extravagant talent." 
—The New Yorker

"You could search for weeks, months, years and you'd find no one like this lanky chanteuse… This town (NYC) is full of talents due much wider recognition. None is more deserving than this tall and model thin singer-songwriter-truth teller. Grab this chance to drive yourself nuts trying to categorize the intrepid boite habitué. You ain't seen nothing like what this long drink of water does with her eclectic bag of songs. If she sings an evergreen, she turns it a shade not known in nature. A must catch!" 
—The Village Voice

Immediately following the concert, all ticketed audience members will be invited to join Nora and the band for an informal meet and greet in the Richmond Center for Visual Arts lobby, immediately adjacent to the Dalton Recital Hall.

For additional information, please contact Don Desmett, Director of Exhibitions at (269) 387-2455 or donald.desmett@wmich.edu.