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Photo and Intermedia B.F.A. senior and PIC member awarded Starbucks Coffee Company Artist Stipend for permanent artwork installation

Photo of Carly SpragueCarly Sprague is a senior at the Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University. She is currently studying Fine Arts with an Emphasis on Photography and Intermedia. Much of her artwork involves the use of both the digital, as well as, the traditional darkroom. She is fascinated with the subject of dreams, and believes dreaming is the remedy to the real world. Presently, her work expresses the indistinct line between the illusion of dreaming and reality through the process of documenting her dreams in a sketchbook and combining these images with photography. The mixture of the two mediums symbolizes one world where two different states of mind exist.

Map of Kalamazoo: Downtown; spring 2012

This picture was photographed downtown at the Kalamazoo Mall. This image is one of the many images taken for a Mapping of Kalamazoo Series, which involved photographing different parts of Kalamazoo based on economic growth. The goal was to capture the liveliness and beauty of this popular downtown area by photographing a structure which is built over Arcadia Creek. The particular location was chosen for its remarkable way of integrating industrial development with nature. This area contains an unusual sense of peacefulness right in the heart of an energetic business district.

Map of Kalamazoo: East Hall; spring 2012

East Hall is a significant part of Kalamazoo's history. It has been around for over one hundred years. Originally, it was built as a "new campus" for what is now called Western Michigan University. Today, East Hall is used to hold Western Michigan University's archives collection. This picture was taken in order to document, as well as remind us of the history of this location. The image expresses the vastness one feels when they visit East Hall. The campus itself only takes up a small portion of land. However, its prominence becomes known by its peak location where you can see almost the entire city of Kalamazoo.