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All for One: Autism and Visual Art Production

WWMT news report

WWMT interview with Bill Davis (with video)

Western Michigan University Frostic School of Art Professor Bill Davis announces the College of Fine Arts 2013 Fellowship Autism and Visual Art Project and course outcomes. This KRESA and WMU Frostic School of Art studio art course collaboration combined service learning with research. WMU Undergraduate students were part of an ongoing project studying how visual art made by people with autism contributes to the understanding of their cognitive and communication skills.

The Autism and Visual Art Project is a full spectrum project studying a full spectrum condition. As funded by the College of Fine Arts 2013 Fellowship, this is more than a singular project with a singular focus. The Autism and Visual Art Project is a studio art course, vehicle for research, prospect for observation, thought experiment in art, documentary film, self-study in community outreach, fellowship, academic collaboration, service-learning opportunity and immersive meditation in human development. WMU Undergraduate student co-researchers worked with KRESA students with autism in visual art workshops to generate data that may help better convey cognitive and communication skillsets.

Design team

Trevor Hissong and David Cuevas
Trevor HIssong, Catalog Design
David Cuevas, Poster Design

Program outcomes

All for One poster.

Autism and Visual Art: A documentary (Initial Edit)

Autism and Visual Art (with director introduction and closing statements)