Faculty Achievement Awards

The Western Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan calls for creating awards to recognize faculty contributions to the themes and commitments in the plan, including contributions of the faculty to the disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching, research, creative activity, university professional and community service goals of the college.


All current, continuing board-appointed persons with faculty rank are eligible. Faculty who have received Faculty Achievement Award are not eligible to receive a subsequent award in the same category within five years.

Award selection

  • An award of $1000 will be put in the departmental research account for the recipient to use in support of teaching, research or creative activity, travel, or professional development
  • Each recipient may be invited to present a lecture, seminar, or lunch (brown bag) presentation to describe some aspect of teaching
  • Each recipient will receive a plaque at a special celebration
  • Up to three awards in each category may be made each year

Note: All awards are subject to final budgetary approval and authorization by the dean of the college. 


Jan. 21

This award will be offered for the deadline listed as long as funds are available.


Recipients 2012-13

  • Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award
    Dr. Mariam Konaté, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
    Dr. Timothy Ready, Department of Sociology and Director of Lewis Walker Institute
  • Gender Scholar Award
    Dr. Ann Miles, Department of Sociology
  • Global Engagement
    Dr. Sisay Asefa, Department of Economics
    Dr. Nora Berrah, Department of Physics
    Dr. Mercedes Tasende, Department of Spanish
  • Professional and Community Service
    Dr. Dwayne Channell, Department of Mathematics
    Dr. Lisa DeChano-Cook, Department of Geography
    Dr. Alan Kehew, Department of Geosciences
  • Research and Creative Activity
    Dr. Steven Lipkin, School of Communication
    Dr. Susan Pozo, Department of Economics
    Dr. Allen Webb, Department of English
  • Teaching
    Dr. Lynne Heasley, Environmental Studies Program and Department of History
    Dr. Carla Koretsky, Department of Geosciences, Environmental Studies Program and Lee Honors College
    Dr. Gwen Tarbox, Department of English