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Welcome to Global and International Studies! Our offices are now located in 2047 Moore Hall. Current and prospective students are welcome to come see us at our new location or give us a call at (269) 387-5653.

As business goes global, more employers are looking for international experience. If you're interested in gaining an edge, the global and international studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences is for you.

Globalization is leading to greater interconnectedness through economics, technology, communication and society. No wonder it affects all of us. Regardless of where you live, or the subject that you choose to study, globalization will involve you too. Even if you choose to remain at home, you will be a part of international activities. The process of globalization is so vast that every academic discipline is involved and has a role to play. When you graduate, be sure you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities unfolding before you in our fast-moving world. How? Focus your undergraduate study on global and international issues.

The global and international studies major offers a broad, integrative approach to the study of global and international issues, supported by the methods and theories of several disciplines, language study and regional case studies. You will build an individualized, interdisciplinary major or minor, which may include a study abroad experience, international internships or other related experiences and opportunities.


Appointments are offered to discuss the opportunities offered in the major, help to plan your courses and begin to think about your plans after graduation.

Contact Lauren Carney at, (269) 387-5653, to make an advising appointment for July or August. We plan to return to walk-in advising hours starting in mid-August.

Fall 2014 course list

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What's happening this fall

International Conference on African Development (Aug. 14 to 16)
The Center of African Development Policy Research at WMU in collaboration with the Haenicke Institute for Global Education and the Department of Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences announce the 8th International Conference on African Development on the theme: The Challenges of Good Governance and Leadership for Sustainable Development in African States.

INTL 3500—Topics in Global and International Studies
The fall topic is International Development, Human Rights and Multinational Corporations in Developing Countries. You will learn how to analyze contemporary global issues and use your skills to address topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. To learn more, contact Professor Laura Hastings at

REL 2065—Islam in America: Community, Nation, Representation
In this class, you will learn to apply critical thinking skills to the discussion of a timely and important set of issues regarding religion and national identity.  The course content is evenly balanced between scholarly studies, fiction, current events, film and video.  There are no pre-requisites for this course. To learn more, contact Professor Alisa Perkins.

HOL 2000—Choices in Global Living
This course considers the concept of health at both the individual and global level by exploring the connection between an individual's lifestyle choices and their impact on the larger world of work and service. The theory of holism, along with related theories (multiculturalism, sustainability, and ecological systems) are considered across a variety of disciplines in order to examine current initiatives that are occurring in order to improve the human condition. To learn more, contact Professor Susan Caulfield.

Arabic Online
The Department of World Languages and Literatures provides links to full instructional units offering authentic texts and audio/video excerpts with self-graded comprehension questions. The materials are free to use and registration is not required.