Strategic Plan History

November 2013 update
Greetings from Friedmann Hall. November 2013 marks the midpoint of the implementation of Western Michigan University's College of Arts and Sciences 2012-15 Strategic Plan. The CAS Strategic Plan Progress Report is a summary of progress that lists accomplishments across the six strategic priorities of our plan. In this report you will discover that we have made good progress on numerous year two implementation priorities including:

  1. Further development of the College of Arts and Sciences advocacy agenda
  2. Continued expansion of global and international learning opportunities
  3. Further development of our comprehensive technology plan
  4. Development and implementation of the college's Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (both for undergraduate and graduate students)
  5. Increased emphasis on the critical role of liberal arts and sciences across the curriculum
  6. Continued progress to foster a culture of innovation, diversity, flexibility, transparency and responsiveness in the college

Read the Strategic Plan Progress Report

The CAS WMU Strategic Plan Alignment Report highlights the objectives and accomplishments associated with the College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan that most clearly align with the pillars of the Western Michigan University Strategic Plan. CAS is very proud to be learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged!

Finally, in our ongoing effort to elevate the College of Arts and Sciences, we have been focused on branding CAS physical space to build a sense of unity and identity in the college (Strategic Plan Objective A3). The initial phase of completing Objective A3 involves giving CAS a visual element that will create quick and easy recognition of the College of Arts and Sciences. This visual element is intended to show the cohesive and dynamic nature of our college. Moving forward, we will slowly start integrating this visual element as a way to help our students and the entire WMU community easily identify CAS as a college. 

As we move into the second half of the three-year strategic plan implementation, including a comprehensive review of the plan to begin in January, I want to thank each of you for the wonderful contributions you make to the college. Your collective work and dedication to our students make CAS a great college!

February 2012
The development of a new strategic plan process began fall 2011.

  • The College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Committee at Western Michigan University was formed.
  • The planning committee conducted seven face-to-face stakeholder input sessions for faculty, staff, administrators and college faculty senators. The sessions included an extensive SWOT analysis, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the college. College faculty and staff not able to attend these sessions had the opportunity to provide input via an anonymous online survey.
  • In February 2012, based on this SWOT feedback, the planning committee developed the first draft of the college's new strategic plan. In order to vet the draft plan, a series of communication sessions were organized for committee members to present the updated mission, vision and core values, and to give everyone the opportunity to provide feedback. A detailed description of the strategic map developed by the planning committee outlining the future direction of the college was presented. The strategic map defines what the college must do over the next three years to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. A video of a communication session was posted on the college strategic planning website to allow individuals unable to attend a live session to see and hear the strategic map presentation and provide anonymous feedback to the committee.

Based on this extensive feedback, suggestions and input, the planning committee prepared the final version of the College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan.


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