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Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP)

Summer program information

ATYP will be holding summer programs for all bright students this summer. No qualification necessary—all students can participate. Our new Description: PDF brochure is now available. Summer camp opportunities include Graphic Novels, Japanese Language and Culture, Chess, Writing the College Admissions Essay, Math Problems and Competitions, Science Fiction, Web Design, Poetry, Beginning and Intermediate Chinese, Chinese Culture, and Kalamazoo Laptop Orchestra. To register for the summer camps, fill out the Description: PDF registration form and return it along with payment.

For more information on all the summer camps that Western Michigan University has available this summer, see the online directory.

Qualifying for ATYP

If you are interested in participating in the talent search process to see if you can qualify for ATYP, you may find the following resources helpful. The PowerPoint presentation walks you through the process of registering for the talent search. There are testing options available throughout the winter and spring—however, the first major deadline is Jan. 4 and the last deadline is May 6, 2015.

ATYP accepts test scores from all testing dates; you may take the ACT or SAT during any month testing is available to qualify for ATYP.
Click on any of the links below for more information.

Qualifying scores for ATYP mathematics

SAT: no prior algebra: math > 520—combined (math + critical reading) > 960 
With one year algebra: math > 560—combined (math + critical reading) > 980
ACTno prior algebra: Math > 19—composite > 20 
With one year algebra: Math > 21—composite > 21

Qualifying scores for ATYP language arts

SAT: critical reading or writing > 520
ACT: English + reading > 46 with neither below 22

A qualifying SAT or ACT score in your mailbox does not automatically register you for ATYP. If you have taken the SAT or ACT and have not heard from our office by May 1, or one month after test taking (whichever is later), please contact us to make sure we have received your scores. If you did not have your SAT or ACT scores sent to the ATYP office when you registered for the test, please mail, email or fax us a copy of the scores.
Letters are sent to all testing students at the end of April (if we have a copy of your scores), regardless of whether you qualify. Qualifying students can then receive a registration form. Completion of the registration form and receipt of your $75 registration fee is required for your registration to be complete. This form is not available online, and is sent only to qualifying students once test scores have been reviewed.
If you have any questions regarding receipt of test scores, qualification, or the registration process, please do not hesitate to call us at (269) 387-3553 or email