Cessna CE-150

The Cessna CE-150 is an all-metal, single engine, high wing monoplane with a two-person seating capacity, including a crew of one or two. This aircraft is ideally suited for landing competition with the flight team due to its low approach speed and 40 degrees of landing flaps. The CE-150 is FAA certified for day, night, VFR, and IFR flight.

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Number in Fleet

Primary Use
Flight competition with Western Michigan University's Flight Team

Teledyne Continental O-200-A (100BHP @ 2750RPM)

Fuel Capacity
22.5 gal

1103 lbs (Standard Empty)
1600 lbs (Max Takeoff)
497 lbs (Max Useful Load)

23'11" Long
8'6" High
33'4" Wing Span
460 ft2 Wing Area

109 kts (Max @ Sea Level)
106 kts (Cruise, 75% Power @ 7000 ft)

Stall Speed
42 kts (Flaps Down, Power Off)
48 kts (Flaps Up, Power Off)

Cruising Range
3.3 hrs, 340 nm (75% Power @ 7,000 ft)
4.9 hrs, 420 nm (Max Range @ 10,000 ft)

Max Operating Altitude
14,000 ft

Takeoff Distance
1,385 ft (Total Distance over 50 ft Obstacle)

Landing Distance
1,075 ft (Total Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle)

College of Aviation
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5314 USA
269-964-6375 | 269-964-6473 Fax