PA-44 Seminole

The Piper Seminole provides students with an opportunity to gain more multi-engine instrument experience at a lower hourly cost, as well as increased exposure to EFIS configurations. These multi-engine aircraft are equipped with Garmin 430, IFR certified GPS with integrated Nav/Comm and moving map capability, Bendix KX 65 Nav/Comm, Bendix King ADF with RMI indicator, and Bendix King electronic HSI.

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Number in Fleet

Primary Use
Multi-engine Training

Textron Lycoming O-360-A1H6/LO-360-A1H6 (180BHP)

Fuel Capacity
123 gal

2603 lbs (Standard Empty)
3800 lbs (Max Takeoff)
1197 lbs (Max Useful Load)

27'7" Long
8'6" High
38'7" Wing Span
183.8 ft2 Wing Area

168 kts (Gross Weight @ 18,500 ft)

Stall Speed
55 kts (Flaps Down 40 Degrees)

Cruising Range
770 nm (45 Minute Reserves @ 55% Power)

Max Operating Altitude
15,000 ft (Two Engines, 100 fpm)

Takeoff Distance
2,200 ft (Total Distance over 50 ft Obstacle)

Landing Distance
1,490 ft (Total Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle)

College of Aviation
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5314 USA
269-964-6375 | 269-964-6473 Fax