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About WMU-Battle Creek

Facilities and Technology

This completely renovated 24,000 square foot facility houses twelve beautifully furnished classrooms, two computer labs, advising offices, an executive conference room and a state-of-the-art interactive compressed video conference room, as well as satellite downlink connections. The Kendall Center is completely wireless, allowing web access from anywhere in the building.

Exceptional Conferencing

The WMU-Battle Creek-Kendall Center is a popular conference and training facility for businesses and private and civic organizations. The convenient, comfortable, professional environment makes the Kendall Center an ideal location for meetings. The Center's conference staff provides comprehensive planning and training services to clients.


Free three-hour parking is available in a parking deck on the east side of the building. For day-long events, parking in the deck next to the Kellogg Arena, across the street to the south of the building is encouraged.