Emerging Tech Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
May 7, 2011
Bronco BioFuels demonstrated trap grease bio-diesel as a transportation fuel watch us drive the speedway on biodiesel made from trap grease!!!

Southwest Michigan Harvest Fest
Sept. 19, 2010
Bronco Biodiesel provided information and demonstrations at this annnual festival in Scotts, MI

Southwest Michigan Harvest Fest
Sept. 20, 2009
Bronco Biodiesel provided information and demonstrations at this annnual festival in Scotts, MI

Global Climate Change: What Science is Doing to Save the Planet
Sept. 19, 2009
As part of WMU's NSF-funded First Year Experience course on global climate change, Bronco Biodiesel faculty discussed the importance of biofuels.

Climate Power
May 19, 2009
Bronco Biodiesel joined other local advocates of climate change legislation to discuss the role of renewable and non-traditional feedstocks in ameliorating climate change.

Michigan Agri-Energy Conference
March 30-31, 2009
Bronco Biodiesel discussed renewal and waste carbohydrate and grease feedstocks at this Michigan State University organized event.

National Alternatively Fueled Vehicles Odyssey
Oct. 4, 2008
Bronco Biodiesel demonstrated fuels and feedstocks at this biennial event hosted by Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Southwest Michigan Harvest Fest
Sept. 21, 2008
Bronco Biodiesel provided information and demonstrations at this annnual festival in Scotts, MI

Bronco Biodiesel wins Smithsonian Institution Grant

May 2008
Bronco Biodiesel won a nearly $200,000 grant from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. The grant will enable Bronco Biodiesel to develop a process for converting algae generated in water clean-up to bioalcohols that can be burned in internal combustion engines. The work will be conducted in conjunction with Dr. Walter Adey, Smithsonian Curator and inventor of the Algal Turf Scrubber (a patented technology for growing and harvesting algae in order to remove excess nutrients in aquatic ecosystems).

Co-Director Steve Bertman Appointed to Renewable Fuels Commission
October 11, 2006 — Lansing, MI
The Michigan Renewable Fuels Commission was established under Public Act 272 of 2006 signed by Governor Granholm earlier this year. The commission is charged with investing and recommending strategies that the governor and Legislature may implement to promote the use of alternative fuels and encourage the use of vehicles that utilize alternative fuel. The commission will also identify mechanisms that promote research of alternative fuels.…
more about the commission

Expertise of Bronco Biodiesel Co-Director Steve Bertman featured
March 16, 2006 — Ann Arbor, MI
Despite the challenges of transforming a fuel infrastructure, the University of Michigan has successfully embraced biodiesel and incorporated it into their transportation fleet…
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Michigan could get good mileage out of biodiesel effort
February 19, 2006 — Kalamazoo, MI
An excerpt from another Kalamazoo Gazette article: Bronco Biodiesel team and others in the state of Michigan are uniquely poised to tap into the interest in alternative and renewable energy spurred by rising gas and home heating fuel prices. They can draw on the resources of Michigan’s $80 billion-a-year automobile manufacturing sector and its $60 billion-a-year agriculture business to develop the industry, said Dennis Pennington, an agriculture and natural resources educator for the Barry and Kent counties' Michigan State Extension offices…

Bronco Biodiesel leads the pack of WMU Innovation Fund awardees
February 19, 2006 — Kalamazoo, MI
The Kalamazoo Gazette featured Bronco Biodiesel as the leader of the WMU Innovation fund "pack" after it was announced that the group of WMU professors were awarded $402,232 to fund the Bronco Biodiesel project...

Another way to deep-fry our way to freedom
Fall 2005 — Kalamazoo, MI
“The worst of American addictions is petroleum.” Biodiesel to the rescue…

Researchers put cooking oil to use for transportation
June 17, 2004 — Kalamazoo, MI
Chemistry trio kick off biodiesel project. Congressman Upton pays biodiesel lab a visit…
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