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Undergraduate Majors

Biology major

The Biology Major explores the broad spectrum of the life sciences with opportunities to study botany, zoology, ecology, and physiology. Students completing this major should be prepared for one or more of the following goals:

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Biomedical sciences major

The Biomedical Sciences Major is designed to explore the human, molecular, and cellular aspects of the life sciences, with the opportunity to study cell biology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, neurobiology, and physiology. The specific objectives of the Biomedical Sciences major include:

For additional career options, contact the undergraduate advisor.

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Biology major in the secondary education

The biology major in secondary education is designed to prepare students for certification and teaching in secondary education. Students interested in pursuing a teaching career in the biological sciences should follow the special guidelines for this program in the section below.

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Only departmental courses in which a grade of "C'' or better is obtained may be counted towards a major or minor in biological sciences.

Transfer students

A minimum of 15 hours of BIOS course work must be earned at WMU for a major. At least 12 hours must be earned at WMU for a minor. Transfer students should consult with the undergraduate advisor before registering for classes.