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Sharon Gill

Sharon GillSharon Gill
Assistant Professor

Office: (269) 387-5613
Lab: (269) 387-0026

Office: 3157 Wood Hall, Mail Stop 5410
Lab: 4046 Haenicke Hall

Mailing Address
Department of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5410 USA

Research interests

In most altricial vertebrates, offspring disperse once they become nutritionally independent from their parents, a strategy thought to maximize lifetime reproductive success. In some social species, offspring may postpone dispersal and remain with their parents for prolonged periods of time in family groups. Such family living is an important evolutionary step in sociality, as it may lead to more complex social systems and behaviors, including cooperative breeding. Dr. Gill's main research interest focuses on understanding family living in the absence of more complex forms of sociality. Specifically, Dr. Gill, am investigating the dynamics of delayed dispersal, hormonal and functional aspects of family living, and the behavioral interactions that occur with family groups. Dr. Gill take many approaches in her research, integrating animal behavior, endocrinology, ecology, evolution, life history and physiology. Dr. Gill'sresearch is conducted on free-living animals in the wild, which allows her to gain a better understanding of the function of and hormonal mechanisms underlying social interactions under natural conditions, but aspects of my work are conducted in the laboratory.

Students in Dr. Gill's laboratory

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