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Silvia Rossbach

Silvia RossbachSilvia Rossbach
Graduate Advisor

Office: (269) 387-5868
Lab: (269) 387-3841

Office: 3923 Wood Hall, Mail Stop 5410
Lab: 2019 Haenicke Hall

Mailing Address
Department of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5410 USA

Research interests

Dr. Rossbach works in the fields of microbial genetics, microbial ecology, and plant-bacteria interaction. She joined the department from her postdoctoral position at the Center for Microbial Ecology and the Plant Research Laboratory at Michigan State University. Her research interests include the biology of nitrogen-fixation and the use of beneficial microorganisms to promote plant growth and health. She also studies how combinations of plants and bacteria can aid in the remediation of polluted environments and how soil bacteria interact with heavy metals.

Students in Dr. Rossbach's laboratory

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