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Spring 2014 Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Fridays 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
1710 Wood Hall

Pamela Hoppe, Faculty Coordinator
(269) 387-5628

Sept. 12
Dr. Christopher Pearl, Kalamazoo College
Topic: A role for estrogen in mammalian sperm production

Sept. 19
Dr. Amanda Wollenberg, Michigan State University
Topic: Worms and Germs: Interactions between Nematodes and Bacteria

Sept. 26

Oct. 3
Dr. Eva Chin, University of Maryland
Topic: Cellular defects in skeletal muscle in ALS: Is the muscle talking back to the nerve?

Oct. 10
Dr. Patrice Hamel, Ohio State University
Topic: TBA

Oct. 17
Dr. Jeffrey Watts, Zoetis Global Therapeutics Research
Topic: TBA

Oct. 24
Dr. Jeremy Van Raamsdonk, Van Andel Institute
Topic: TBA

Oct. 31
Dr. Michael Wollenberg, Kalamazoo College
Topic: TBA

Nov. 7
Dr. Frederica Brandizzi, Michigan State University
Topic: Life inside a plant cell: a dynamic perspective

Nov. 14
Dr. Jonathan Allen, Northwestern University
Topic: TBA

Nov. 21
Dr. Jessica Gutknecht, University of Minnesota
Topic: TBA

Dec. 5
Dr. John Vucetich, Michigan Tech
Topic: TBA