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The Biological Sciences Department at Western Michigan University has a variety of facilties that students, faculty and staff can use.

Teaching laboratories for student instruction contain up-to-date equipment for the study of plants, animals, and microorganisms. The department also has state of the art research laboratories for faculty and graduate students. The faculty and graduate students have access to scanning and transmission electron microscopes, scintillation counters, ultracentrifuges, spectrophotometers, as well as mainframe and microcomputers.

Also available in the department is the C.R. Hanes Herbarium, which includes;

The campus contains a variety of cultivated and native plant species, while the Kleinstuck Nature Preserve, Asylum Lake, and a reconstructed oak savannah are located on nearby University properties. Laboratory classes frequently take field trips to the many lakes, streams, ponds, forests, wetlands and prairies of Kalamazoo and adjacent counties.

Finch Greenhouse
Biology Imaging Center