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Student Organizations

Students in the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University may choose to participate in the following organizations to enhance their academic experience and prepare them for their professional career.

Health Professional Society facebook

The Health Professional Society provides WMU students with an insight into the medical field and its ever-changing opportunities. These students share a common interest in developing and pursuing a career in the medical field.

The American Medical Student Association facebook

The American Medical Student Association is a national organization of more than 68,000 students. It is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States. The Western Michigan University pre-medical chapter of AMSA is an active organization on campus, attracting interesting speakers from within the community, presentations from admissions staff of various medical schools, and providing numerous volunteer opportunities for our members.

Biology Club facebook

The Biology Club provides access to biological opportunities and education enhancement with an emphasis on, but not limited to, ecology and general biology topics.

Biology Graduate Student Organization

A snap shot taken at the BGSO meeting. The executive board members listen to members' concern. The Biology Graduate Student Organization creates a forum in which biology graduate students can voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. BGSO is oriented toward creating a productive environment for faculty-graduate student interactions and maintaining a positive presence within the department.

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