Spring 2015 Events

2014-15 career center program calendar

Spring 2015 semester events

Spring Semester Jan. 12 - May 1
Career Conversation: Finance, Dean's Conference room Jan. 23
Resume Critique with Business Connection Club, Career Center Jan. 23
Business Bash, Schneider Hall Quiet Study Lounge* Jan. 29
ISM Interview Workshop, Dean's Conference room Jan. 29
Practice Interview Day with Phi Chi Theta, Career Center Jan. 30
IT Career Day with BTN, Fetzer Center Feb. 6
Business Externship Program Showcase, Dean's Conference Room Feb. 9
Career Fair Prep Event, Schneider Hall Feb. 10
ISM Career Night with APICS, Fetzer Center Feb. 11
Sales Career Night, Fetzer Center Feb. 11
WMU Career Fair, Bernhard Center* Feb. 12
Career Day Interviews, Career Center and Bernhard Center Feb. 12-13
Career Conversation: Management, Dean's Conference Room Feb. 27
Spring Break March 9-13 
Food Marketing Pre-Conference Recruiting, Radisson Plaza Hotel March 16
BAP STAR Training, 1360 Schneider Hall March 19
Business Etiquette Dinner with AKPsi, Fetzer Center March 24
Small Business/Entrepreneurship Panel, Dean's Conference Room March 26
Women in Leadership Conference, Fetzer Center April 10
Final Exams April 27 - March 1
Summer I 2015 Session May 11 - July 1
Summer II 2015 Session July 6 - Aug. 15



*Career-related programs that are coordinated by another department or registered student organization.