Spring 2015 Events

2014-15 career center program calendar

Spring 2015 semester events

Spring Semester Jan. 12 - May 1
Career Conversation: Finance, Dean's Conference room Jan. 23
Resume Critique with Business Connection Club, Career Center Jan. 23
Business Bash, Schneider Hall Quiet Study Lounge* Jan. 29
ISM Interview Workshop, Dean's Conference room Jan. 29
Practice Interview Day with Phi Chi Theta, Career Center Jan. 30
IT Career Day with BTN, Fetzer Center Feb. 6
Business Externship Program Showcase, Dean's Conference Room Feb. 9
Career Fair Prep Event, Schneider Hall Feb. 10
ISM Career Night with APICS, Fetzer Center Feb. 11
Sales Career Night, Fetzer Center Feb. 11
WMU Career Fair, Bernhard Center* Feb. 12
Career Day Interviews, Career Center and Bernhard Center Feb. 12-13
Career Conversation: Management, Dean's Conference Room Feb. 27
Spring Break March 9-13 
Food Marketing Pre-Conference Recruiting, Radisson Plaza Hotel March 16
BAP STAR Training, 1360 Schneider Hall March 19
Women in Leadership Conference, Fetzer Center March 20
Business Etiquette Dinner, Fetzer Center March 24
Small Business/Entrepreneurship Panel, Dean's Conference Room March 26
Final Exams April 27 - March 1
Summer I 2015 Session May 11 - July 1
Summer II 2015 Session July 6 - Aug. 15



*Career-related programs that are coordinated by another department or registered student organization.