Awards and Activities

December 2015

Chris Robinson, assistant director of academic advising, will be presenting "A Collaborative University Event with Paul Hernandez at Western Michigan University: Leveraging Momentum to Catalyze Internal Change and Strengthen a Student Success Movement" at the Oakland Success Conference.

Robert L. Stewart, career development specialist at the Haworth College of Business Zhang Career Center, will be presenting "Utilizing Transition Theory in Order to Maximize Student Veteran Support." at the 2016 NASPA Symposium in Orlando this February.

September 2015

Caroline Ray, career development specialist at the Haworth College of Business Career Center, awarded WMU 2015 Annual Make a Difference Award.

Dr. Kuanchin Chen, professor of business information systems,  received Outstanding Paper of 2014 for his work titled "The Effects of Hedonic/Utilitarian Expectations and Social Influence on Continuance Intention to Play Online Games" by academic journal Internet Research's editorial team.

August 2015

Marcel Zondag, assistant professor of marketing, and Bruce Ferrin, associate professor of marketing, published a case study with NeoGrid titled “The Power of Integrated TPM – Enhancing Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Through a Holistic Approach." Drs. Zondag and Ferrin will be presenting this research at the Category Management Association meeting at the end of September 2015. 

April 2015

Sime Curkovic, professor of supply chain management, was a guest speaker at the WMU Lee Honors College Lyceum Lecture Series on April 1.

Chris Robinson, assistant director of academic advising; Kim Ballard, director of the WMU Writing Center; Katie Easley, director of Student Success Services in the College of Arts and Sciences won the University Assessment Excellence Award for "outstanding achievement in assessment of student learning" for work with the Bronco Study Zone.

Barbara Caras-Tomczak, coordinator of Student Support Services in the MBA and Global Business Center, received the Assurance of Learning Award.

Rachael Bower was recognized as a Spring 2015 Make a Difference award winner.

March 2015

Abigail Nappier, Robert Harrison, associate professor of marketing and Ann Veeck, (2015), “Unpacking ‘Gay Vague’ Advertising: The Case of Lesbian Chic,” to be presented at the American Academy of Advertising Conference, Chicago, IL, conference proceedings.

february 2015

Sime Curkovic, professor of supply chain management, was the guest speaker for the ISM APICS Greater Grand Rapids Meeting on Feb. 10.

Rob Harrison won a best paper award at the Winter American Marketing Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

January 2015

John Mueller is part of a research team that received an NFS Grant: Laser Assisted Drilling

December 2014

Caroline Ray, career development specialist, and Chris Robinson, assistant director of academic advising, were recipients of WMU's semiannual Make a Difference Award. The Make a Difference Award is a campus-wide peer-to-peer program that recognizes University staff members for their outstanding accomplishments and daily investment of energy and creativity.

November 2014

Sime Curkovic, professor of supply chain management, was the keynote speaker with Mike Vitek, senior business advisor, Adaptive Cloud & Concept Solutions, for the Institute of Supply Management, Central Michigan NAPM Conference Meeting on Nov. 6.

October 2014

Ken Jones, director of executive education for the integrated supply management program and instructor of management, was the keynote speaker for the ISM Greater Grand Rapids Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 14, presenting "What the City of Detroit Can Teach Us About Supply Management."

Sime Curkovic, professor of management, was the keynote speaker for the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association's Midwest Regional Networking Summit on Wednesday, Oct. 29. 

Chris Robinson won a $15,000 Diversity and Inclusion Grant for the Bronco Study Zone to hire tutors for over 100 courses.

September 2014

Ann Veeck, professor of marketing, and Kelley O'Reilly, assistant professor of marketing, with their co-authors Amy Macmillan, Kalmazoo College, and Hongyan Yu, Sun Yat-Sen University, received the Cengage Best Paper Award at the Marketing Management Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

August 2014

Jennifer Palthe, professor of management, and Daniel R. Palthe (Michigan State University) presented on "Human rights in management education: Equipping educators and future business leaders" at the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations at the Said School of Business, Oxford University, United Kingdom.

Chris Robinson, assistant director of academic advising, and Geralyn Heystek, director of the career center, had their proposal, The Phoenix Program, selected by the board of the Mid-American Business Deans Association for first place in the 2014 MABDA Innovation in Business Education Award program. The award includes a prize of $1,000.

Christina Stamper, associate dean for undergraduate programs and professor of management, was appointed to the role of chair of the 2014-15 Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee for the Academy of Management.

Sime Curkovic, professor of management, was a guest speaker for the WMU Center for English Language and Culture for International Students presenting "Advancements in supply chain management curriculums and career paths," to Ritsumeukan University students on August 12, 2014.

July 2014

Sime Curkovic, professor of management, was a guest speaker at the Annual Verego Steering Committee Summit at the Microsoft RTC Campus in Redmond, Washington on July 17, 2014.

I.u. Mangla received a Fulbright grant to serve as a faculty specialist for 4 weeks in Pakistan.

Tom Rienzo received an internal grant for nearly $5,000 from the Office of Faculty Development to improve student engagement in large lecture courses using iClickers.

July 2014

Andrew Targowski was elected as honorary president of the Association of Children of the Warsaw Uprising 1944.

Paul San Miguel received a $5,000 Myo Educational grant.

May 2014

Bernard Han and Muhammad Razi received an external grant for over $24,000 from Secant Technologies to develop web-based software to match Kalamazoo County Mental health providers with consumers who are jailed in the Kalamazoo County Jail in order to divert them to a proper location with appropriate medical treatment.

April 2014

Andrew Targowski and Bernard Han receivean internal grant for $3,000 from the Timothy Light Center for Chinese Studies at WMU to publish the book "Chinese Civilization in the 21st Century."

Jennifer Palthe, associate professor of management, received a grant from Western Michigan University's International Education Faculty Development Fund to present on "Human rights in management education: Equipping educators and future business leaders" at the Fourteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations at Said School of Business, Oxford University, U.K.

The Haworth College of Business held its fourth annual faculty and staff awards ceremony. The following awards were presented by Dr. Kay Palan, dean:

  • Faculty Service Award—Dr. Jennifer Palthe, associate professor of management
  • Faculty Research Award—Dr. Andrew Targowski, professor of business information systems
  • Faculty Teaching Award—Dr. David Flanagan, professor of management, and Dr. Steve Newell, professor of marketing
  • Haworth Spirit Staff Award—Betsy Drummer, director of academic advising
  • Superior Service Staff Award—Cyntia Reeves, administrative assistant to the dean
  • Student Support Staff Award—Geoffrey "Brian" Jones

March 2014

John Mueller, assistant professor of management, had his paper titled "An examination of the relationship of IT control weakness to company financial performance and health," co-authored with John R. Kuhn, Jr. and Manju Ahuja, selected as a commended paper in the International Journal of Accounting and Information Management.

Karen M. Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, Thaweephan Leingpibul, associate professor of marketing, and Bonnie B. Reece, Michigan State University, presented their paper titled "Don't Blame the Messenger! Political Advertising, Voter Attributions, and the 2012 Presidential Election" at the 2014 American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference in Atlanta.

January 2014

John Weitzel, master faculty specialist of marketing, Ed Mayo, professor emeritus of marketing, and Dobb Mayo, of Gazillion & One Advertising, received an Honorable Mention Award from USA Today Sports Weekly for a research presentation titled "The Outfield Sign: Past, Present and Future" they presented at the 2013 conference of the Society for American Baseball Research.

December 2013

Paul Hildenbrand, community college recruiter and advisor, received a semi-annual Make-a-Difference award from the University for his foundational work in recruiting and advising transfer students.

November 2013

Caroline Ray, career development specialist in the Haworth College of Business Career Center, completed the Strong Interest Inventory Certification for administering the assessments.

Karen M. Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, along with MBA student Mohammed Hariz Mohammed Shazalli presented their peer-reviewed paper titled, “Domino’s Pizza U.S.A. and KFC Malaysia’s Use of Online Image Repair Strategies in Food Tampering Crises” at the 2013 Global American Academy of Advertising Conference held in Honolulu.

Sime Curkovic, professor of management, was a guest speaker for the Kalamazoo, MI, Southwest APICS (Association of Operations Management) Meeting on the subject of, "Advancement in Supply Chain Management Curriculums and Career Paths" on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.

Karen M. Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, has been elected president of the American Academy of Advertising. Lancendorfer will serve a three-year term. moving from president-elect in 2014 to president in 2015 and past president for 2016. She was elected following the organization's annual conference in the spring and had just completed a one-year term as vice president.

October 2013

Kelley O'Reilly, assistant professor of marketing; and S. Marx, had their paper, "How young, technical consumers determine online WOM credibility" selected by Emerald's Literati Network for its Best Practical Implications Award in 2013.

September 2013

Karen M. Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, presented to the Rotary Club of Kalamazoo on Monday, Sept. 16, about her research on negative political advertising.

Christina Stamper, associate dean for undergraduate programs and professor of management, was recently elected to serve as the Academy of Management Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee’s Professional Development Workshop Program Chair for the 2014 annual conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Ken Jones, has been named the director of executive education for WMU’s Integrated Supply Management program.

The WMU finance major has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program. WMU is the only school in Michigan that has been accepted into this program. Acceptance places the program in an elite group of schools, only 55 colleges and universities in the United States have been accepted into the program. As part of the program, WMU is authorized to offer five CFA Program Scholarships to students each year.

August 2013

Dr. Ola Smith, associate professor of accountancy, was appointed to the State Board of Accountancy by Gov. Snyder. The nine-member board oversees licensure and certification requirements for certified public accountants and public accounting firms.

Dr. Ola Smith, associate professor of accountancy, was the 2013 recipient of a service award from the Diversity Section of the American Accounting Association.

Dr. Donald Gribbin, chair and professor of accountancy, has been named to the Board of Directors for the Michigan Association of CPAs (MACPA). His three-year term begins on September 1, 2013.

Dr. Dan Farrell, professor of management,shares his insights regarding executive pay in a radio interview with University Relations.

Dr. Andrew Targowski, professor of business information systems, was interviewed by a documentary film crew from the United States memorial Museum in Washington D.C. about his experience as a child during World War II. Dr. Targowski lends his voice to his important educational exhibition.

Dr. Andrew Targowski is featured as the lead profile in the book, American Computer Scientists on pages 2-11. The profile notes Targowski’s education, publications, work in Poland and U.S., theories of communication, society, and civilizations.

June 2013

Betsy Drummer, director of academic advising, Geralyn Heystek, career center director, and Chris Robinson, academic advisor, have been awarded a WMU Faculty Assessment Grant for their project, "Testing the Results of The Phoenix Retention Program." The project and grant application have been spearheaded by Robinson.

Dr. Kyle Brink, assistant professor of management, has received the Management Education and Development Division Global Forum Best Paper Award, from the Academy of Management, for his paper titled "Undergrad Business Program Learning Goals: Differentiation, Common Aspirations, or Cursory Cloning?" The award is sponsored by the University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, for the paper that best creates the opportunity to address global issues of significance to management education and/or development. Brink will present his paper at the Academy of Management conference in August.

Jane Westra, academic advisor, is quoted in the Western Herald piece regarding incoming freshman being assigned to one academic advisor for their entire academic career.

Dr. John Mueller, assistant professor of management, is featured in Southwest Michigan’s Second Wave in a piece titled: How the startup community is growing in Kalamazoo.

May 2013

Dr. Thomas Scannell, associate professor of management, had his paper, "Shop Floor Manufacturing Technology Adoption Decisions: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior," selected as one of the most impressive pieces of work seen throughout 2012 by the editorial team of the Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management. Dr. Scannell's article has been chosen as an Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013.

Dr. JoAnn Atkin, associate professor of marketing, shares her perspective as part of MLive’s recent article: M Spa Salon controversy serves as object lesson in power of social media.

The WMU Integrated Supply Management (ISM) program was named the Educational Partner of the year by APICS (Association of Operations Management) for the fourth year in a row on May 14th, 2013 at an awards ceremony at the Fetzer Center. Dr. Robert Landeros, management department chair, Dr. Sime Curkovic, ISM director, and ISM students Ashley Moyle, Victoria Taylor and Brendan Mulcahy were present to receive the award on behalf of the Haworth College of Business.

March 2013

Sime Curkovic, professor of supply chain management, was the gust speaker for Lacks Industries Executive Leadership Board at the Grand Rapids Meeting on March 15.

Dr. Laurel Ofstein, assistant professor of management, has successfully defended her dissertation, "Boundary Spanning in the Entrepreneurial Firm: Effects on Innovation and Firm Performance." Dr. Ofstein earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Nancy Schullery, professor of business information systems, was installed in October 2012 as president of the Assocation for Business Communication at the organization's annual international convention, held in Honolulu, HI. In her leadership role, Dr. Schullery has attended two conferences during March: the ABC Midwest/Southeast Regional Conference in Louisville, KY and the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Kyoto, Japan.

January 2013

Dr. Devrim Yamin, Dr. Onur Arugaslan and Dr. Jim DeMello, professors of finance and commercial law, received a Best Paper Award at the 2013 International Business and Science and Research Conference.

December 2012

Caroline Ray, employer relations coordinator, earned her Master of Arts in Counselor Education with concentrations in college counseling and clinical mental health counseling, Western Michigan University.

October 2012

Dr. Bernard Han, professor of business information systems, and Dr. Thomas Rienzo, faculty specialist, successfully passed the Implementation Support Specialist of Health Information Technology Professional (HIT Pro) Certification Exam supported by the United States Department of Health and Human Services in Summer 2012.

Roxanne Buhl, director of MBA (Grand Rapids), received the Certified Manager certification on April 17, 2012 from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. A Certified Manager meets eligibility requirements for education and experience and passes a challenging certification exam that assesses critical thinking skills and application of management principles. A certified manager also makes a commitment to follow the ICPM Code of Ethics and to engage in continuing professional development.

September 2012

Dr. Karen M. Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, has been elected vice-president of the American Academy of Advertising for 2013. The AAA is a national organization of advertising scholars and professionals with an interest in advertising and advertising education.

Dr. Bret Wagner, associate professor of management, was the invited guest professor for an Executive MBA course in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in September and at the University of Paderborn, Germany, in June. Wagner facilitated a class on ERP systems using the ERPsim software package. ERPsim was developed at the business school HEC Montreal, and Wagner was part of the development team for this simulation software. Wagner is also known as the co-author of Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning, the premier introductory textbook on ERP systems, now in its 4th edition.

Dr. Karen Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, has received funding from a Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award grant to collect presidential campaign data this fall. Lancendorfer's research will focus on how voters respond to negative political advertising messages during the U.S. presidential election.

August 2012

Dr. Jagjit Saini, assistant professor of accountancy, passed the Certified Management Accounting exam and achieved his CMA certification.

April 2012

Sime Curkovic, "Supply Chain Management Risk" Keynote Speaker with Mike Vite (Vice President of Mercedes Benz Technology North America LLC) for the Midwest Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting in Grand rapids, MI, on April 13.

Betsy Drummer, Haworth College of Business academic advisor, was awarded an M.A. in educational technology from WMU during spring commencement.

The Haworth College of Business held its second annual faculty and staff awards ceremony. The following awards were presented by Dr. Kay Palan, dean:

  • Faculty Service Award—Dr. Karen Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing
  • Faculty Research Award—Dr. Inayat Mangla, professor of finance
  • Faculty Teaching Award—Dr. Tim Palmer, professor of management
  • Superior Staff Award—Kim Crandall, office assistant, Vickie Patterson, office assistant, and Cathy Pietras, office assistant
  • Spirit Staff Award—Val Juergens, communications coordinator, Stacey Markin, alumni relations officer, and Cindy Wagner, manager of electronic communication

March 2012

Dr. Sime Curkovic, professor of management, was named to the editorial review board and nominated as chief-editor for InTech - open science I open minds, a multidisciplinary open access publisher of books and journals covering science, technology and medicine. InTechOpen is an open access reading platform for InTech publications, a space where users can read, share and download more than 300 books and 8,000 book chapters. All content at InTechOpen ( is distributed under the Open Access label and under the creative commons license - freely accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Its headquarters is in Rijeka, Croatia.

Dr. Karen M. Lancendorfer, associate professor of marketing, is the recipient of a 2012 American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship Grant. The grant monies will be used to to assist her research in political advertising.

February 2012

Dr. Christopher Korth, professor of finance, is teaching at Sunway University in Malaysia during the spring term. Sunway was the first of the "twinning" programs WMU established with international colleges and universities. These international students take a curriculum based upon WMU's requirements at their home college or university. The students who meet WMU standards then are invited to transfer to WMU. The Sunway program is celebrating its 25th year. Over 2,000 Sunway students have finished their degrees at WMU, with a large percentage in the Haworth College of Business.

Advisors earn career certification. The Global Career Development Facilitator certification recognizes the education and experience of those working in career development occupations. The certification requires successful completion of an approved 120+ hour Career Development Facilitator training program that is built around 12 core competencies and specific educational and experience requirements. The following Haworth College of Business staff have met the requirements for the GCDF credential:

  • Danielle Field, academic advisor
  • Geralyn Heystek, career development specialist
  • Linda Ickes, director, career center
    (Ickes also completed the CDF instructor certification.)
  • Caroline Ray, employer relations coordinator
  • Jessie Wagner, career development specialist

The GCDF certification was developed by the National Career Development Association, the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee and the Center for Credentialing in Education.

November 2011

Jo Wiley, master faculty specialist and coordinator of business communication, had her poem, “Rites” published in Encore magazine's October edition, page 21. Wiley was the recipient of the 2009 Kalamazoo Community Literacy Award for Adult Poetry and has an essay, “The Rest of the Story,” published in “Chicken Soup for the College Soul.”

October 2011

Dr. Muhammad A. Razi, associate professor of business information systems, has been selected to serve a three-year term on the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance Advisory Council. The role recognizes his hard work and dedication to the field of technology in education. The council serves as a leader in evangelizing technology in education and helps to advise the direction of the program.

Dr. Robert Harrison, assistant professor of marketing, won the Best Poster Award at the Consumer Culture Theory Conference in Evanston, Illi., for his conference paper “The Role of Advertising in the Evolution of Thanksgiving,” co-authored with Samantha Cross and Mary Gilly.

Dr. David Burnie was named the National City Corporation Endowed Chair in Finance and Commercial Law. The award is given to an outstanding tenure track faculty member with a rank of assistant professor or higher who has demonstrated exceptional contributions to his/her discipline, and is based on the consideration of all aspects of the academic records – teaching, research and service, and for overall contributions to the discipline.

Dr. Satish P. Deshpande was recently admitted as a member of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. The Consortium was founded in the spring of 1996 with the support of the Fetzer Institute. After a review process, only those with a strong record of accomplishment as applied researchers in the world are admitted as individual members.

Dr. Tom Edmonds was named Outstanding Volunteer at the National Philanthropy Day 2010 event sponsored by the West Michigan Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. The award recognizes outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating volunteers for fundraising projects that benefit charitable institutions.

Geralyn Heystek, Linda Ickes and Jessie Wagner were awarded approval for the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program. 

Linda Ickes completed the National Career Development Association training program and has been named to the Career Development Facilitator Instructor credential program registry.

Dr. Jerry Kreuze, was named a faculty fellow of the Lee Honors College. A faculty fellow designation is the highest honor that the LHC gives to a member of the WMU faculty. The award recognizes Kreuze on many years of dedicated teaching and mentoring of honors students.

Dr. Karen Lancendorfer was honored at the American Academy of Advertising Conference for her years of dedication and service to the Journal of Interactive Advertising.

Dr. Zahir Quraeshi was appointed by the U. S. Secretary of Commerce to the Michigan District Export Council – West. In this position he will contribute his leadership and business experience to the nation’s joint industry/government expansion efforts.

Dr. Nancy Schullery was elected second vice president of the Association for Business Communication. As second vice president, Schullery will advance to the office of first vice president (2011-2012) and president (2012-2013).

Dr. Roberta Schultz was selected as associate editor, American Journal of Business.

Dr. Christina Stamper won a “Best Reviewer” award for the Journal of Organizational Behavior, for her service on the editorial board.

Dr. Andrew Targowski was elected for the second term as president of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, a scholarly association committed to the notion that complex civilization problems need multidisciplinary analysis. The society is affiliated with comparative studies programs worldwide and fosters internationalism through annual meetings and publications.

Dr. Devrim Yaman received the “Best Individual Stock Selection Award” in the Chartered Financial Analyst West Michigan Society Annual Forecasting contest.