At the Show Concert

The Concert Committee focuses on bringing great music to Western's campus. This committee will work on anything from small coffee house events to a BIG concert at Miller! If you have a love for live music and like to have fun, then you should check out the concert committee.

"Without music life would be a mistake." ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Off Campus Committee

Come to the Off-Campus Committee to discuss your ideas on events such as excursions to far away places, or things to do right here in Kalamazoo! If you cannot make it to our meetings, email with your thoughts!


Miller Movies

Miller Movies is a movie usually put on three times a semester that is no longer in theatres but is not yet available on DVD. The cost to attend is $1 for students with their Bronco ID and $2 without. As a committee, we discuss possible movies to bring to WMU, how we can promote them, and fun giveaways to make the Miller Movie experience more exciting. For those committee members who chose to work the actual event, we serve the FREE popcorn, hand out the giveaways and introduce the movie! After doing all of that, those who help get to watch the movie completely free of charge! If you enjoy getting into movies free (the legal way) as well as a laid back atmosphere then the Miller Movies committee is the committee for you.


Special Events

What is Special Events? It is CAB’s event series that is everything besides concerts, comedians, and movies. In previous years, the Special Events Committee has brought hypnotists, slam poets, mentalists/illusionists, dance groups, and hosts CAB’s Open Mic Night. Events are usually $1 with a Bronco ID and $2 for non-WMU students.


Triple R

The Triple R committee stands for Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition. We brainstorm new ideas to keep our Campus Activities Board growing. The Triple R committee plans different recognition events, CAB banquet, and more!


Comedy Committee

The Comedy Committee focuses on relieving the day-to-day stress from students by bringing the gift of laughter for an affordable price. Anyone who is a fan of stand-up comedy or even comedy in general will love this committee. We are responsible for bringing comedians to campus and putting together their events. To get involved, come to our weekly meetings and see the Comedy Coordinator!

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." ~Victor Borge


Street Team

The Street Team is the group of dedicated Cabbies that spread the word about events on campus. We are responsible for putting fliers on kiosks, inside buildings, at bus stops, and off-campus locations. Additionaly, Street Team also helps promote through social media and promotional items. Come join our committee and be part of the fun!



Since WMU has such a diverse community of students, CAB has a committee to specifically showcase this. Cultural Events Committee focuses on events highlighting different cultures on campus! Slam poetry, break dancing competitions and annual international festival are just some kinds of events we bring to campus to do this.


General CAB

What is Campus Activities Board? How can I get more involved? This committee coveres all that information and more, helping any and all members of CAB get general questions and information.

If you are looking to have some of your general CAB related questions answered, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.