Career Planning for Graduate Students

Career events and networking with employers

  • Graduate students build skills and learn about employer expectations through job fairs, professional development events, visiting scholar lectures and academic department-sponsored events.

Resume, curriculum vitae (cv) advice

  • Academic, research and government jobs often require a CV. Industry generally prefers a resume, highlighting your accomplishments without all the detail.
  • Review CV samples.

job market resources and search strategies

  • Who’s hiring? What can I do with my graduate degree?  How do I know if the salary offer is competitive? Meet with a career specialist to investigate the answers to these questions for you. We are sensitive to the needs of graduate students and the variety of career options available with a masters, certificate or doctoral degree.
  • Review sample employers and job titles for graduate degrees.

"future-proof" your graduate degree

Logo of the versatile PhD
Use Versatile PhD to:
  • Read job listings and the skills employers seek.
  • Network with successful PhDs nationwide.
  • Discover career paths beyond academics.
  • Research the market for your degree.

WMU’s upgraded access to Versatile PhD unlocks everything at VPhD, free for you. Login to GoWMU, My Self Service Channel to register. Available after graduation also.

get regular "check-ups"

  • Schedule a customized career planning session.
  • We are located on main campus, between the Bernhard Center and the parking structure. Ample parking is available and a Kalamazoo Metro bus stop is located nearby.
  • Prefer phone or skype? We can do that, too. Call (269) 387-2745 or email