Student Employee Appreciation Week

Gary L. Belleville Student Employee of the Year


 2015 Winners

  • Student Employee of the Year: David Bere, Office for Sustainability

  • Supervisor of the Year: Tyler Payne, Supervisor Help Desk

Tyler Payne (left), Dr. Diane Anderson (middle), and David Bere (right)

  • Career and Student Employment Services hosts the Student Employee Appreciation Week celebration every February. The week is dedicated to all student employees and is a time to recognize all the hard work and contributions that student employees make to Western Michigan University. The week also offers the opportunity to showcase an outstanding Student Employee and Student Supervisor.
  • Student employees work in most campus departments. Their work ranges from cashiers to graduate assistants. WMU employs nearly 4,000 during the fall/spring semesters. Campus student employment allows students to build skills, explore career options, and make meaningful contributions to the university and community. 
  • The 2015 Student Employee Appreciation Week is February 23-27. One major activity of Student Employee Appreciation Week includes honoring all nominations and presenting awards to the Student Employee of the Year and the Supervisor of the Year during a reception. This year's reception is on Wednesday, February 25. Supervisors should nominate student employees, and student employees should nominate their supervisors. Nominations are due on February 13. A judging event will be held in February to determine which nominees will win. The winning student’s nomination will be forwarded to a national competition. 

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